National Consultants for Education, Inc. was founded in 1997 to serve Catholic education in America. Our mission is to assist schools in preparing tomorrow’s Christian leaders , in order to transform society according to the principles of justice and charity contained in the social teachings of our Church. NCE provides assistance to a growing number of Independent Catholic Schools across the United States and Canada. NCE works together with our schools to implement Integral Formation ® educational philosophy. Integral Formation involves the complete and solid formation of every aspect of our students.

NCE’s vision is inspired by and faithful to the principles of the Catholic Church, and the charism of charity of the Regnum Christi Movement, and the Legionaries of Christ.

Our educational program has three specific objectives:

To teach

To pass on the cultural and scientific knowledge required for the student to be able to respond to society’s current demands.

To educate

To help the students so that they learn to think and reason; discover and admire beauty; cultivate their sensitivity, memory, and imagination; and foster their capacity for self-expression in speech and writing.

To form

To help the student become a man for others, open to human and transcendent values, with an upright ethical sense, aware of others’ needs, especially those of the most needy in society. In this way, the students will be prepared not only for professional success, but will be able to fulfill themselves as authentic Christians in their family and social life.